In 2009, the “King’s Sky Samgaldai” center was established in Darkhad, Tsaatan and Khotgoi in order to spread culture, traditions, shamanic rituals, ancestral history and culture, to keep the minds of the people at peace, and to worship the land and the blue sky. is a

Charity campaign


We have been implementing many good deeds for the society within the framework of social responsibility. Within the framework of these activities, the aimag and capital city Social Welfare Departments provide families with complete gers, firewood and coal, school supplies for half and full orphans, gifts for the New Year, and special gifts and incentives for high achievers. In addition, the “Native Darkhan” non-governmental organization, in cooperation with the Inner Mongolia branch of the Samgaldai Center, has been conducting an annual charity campaign.

Policy council and management team


Our center has a Policy Council consisting of ordinary citizens. The council should develop an annual action plan and consolidate the five mandatory tasks. It also focuses on the morale, character, and personal development of the redhead, and determines the future of the organization.

Udgan and Zayranguud


The Samgaldai center has a long history of many ethnic groups, including 6 from Darkhad, 1 from Tsaatan, 3 from Khotgoid, 6 from Khalkh, and 1 from Bayad. Among them, there are 9 Zairans, 8 Udgans, 1 mountain boy, and 3 officials with the seal of the Great Sky. These are the descendants of the four mountain ranges of Mongolia, the seven plumes of the top seven descendants of the Darkhad Blue Depression, the four spirits of the mysteries, and the black, white, and blue lus.


The Samgaldai Center is a “Blue Flame” fire offering and international “Blue Pearl” for winter tourism. The festival, the Ice Festival’s “Great Fire Sacrifice”, the 13th-century blue-spotted pentagram, unites the 44 heavens of the East and the 55 heavens of the West into 99 heavens. has been done regularly. In addition, they regularly worship the mountains and water of their homeland, and at the request of the people, they worship and worship the land, mountains and water.



The Samgaldai Center’s Policy Council works to increase multi-stakeholder cooperation and accountability with many governmental and non-governmental organizations. Within this framework, we are working closely with the Ministry of Education and Science, the General Agency for Border Protection, and the aimag governor’s offices on the basis of memorandums and agreements. It also cooperates with many non-governmental organizations, such as the Mongolian Shamanic Hearth Center, the World Association of Celestials, and the Mongolian Association of Celestialists.