The head of the “Khangal Tengeriin Samgaldai” center traditionally told about the New Year of the Cattle on the eighth day of the first month of spring.
Here is a summary of the general characteristics of the year of the cow and the annual treatment of the twelve.
The four characteristics of the year of the earth cow:
It’s a beautiful year in the east.
In the south, there are dust storms and strong winds.
It will be a harsh year with severe droughts in the west. It is necessary to summon the white lus from the sunset and trick the lus kings.
In the north, the lus is hard, and the lus kings move in and out of the earth.
In the year of the mouse there was a lot of snow on the east, and in the year of the cow the ground was hard in the north.
Towards the source of wealth:
In the old days, there were treasures in the south, but now there are treasures in the north. In the case of cattle, treasures will be abundant in the southeast and southwest. If Mongolians can use their land resources properly, they will be able to survive the cattle year.
Characteristics of a person to become a head of state:
He was a handsome middle-aged man, not very brown or light-skinned. If you look closely, you will see that the head of state is a person with a mole on his heart, northwest, a mole on his hand, and a shoulder strap worn by his descendants or himself.
Regarding the pandemic:
The plague of the White Sea from the southwest will not kill Mongolians, but many people around the world will die. In the year of the ox, the white lus of the west can be defeated, and in the year of the tiger, it is possible to suppress the black coat of arms. The twelve-year-old tiger is supposed to worship one black coat of arms a year. So for many years I did not know this secret. The tiger must worship the black coat of arms every year.
Four-season horoscope:
In the first month of spring it is soft, in the last month it is a little hard, in the beginning of summer it is hard in the east and in the west, and in the autumn there are many festivals, but the lords are very talkative and the people lack food.
Age center:
Suitable for both children and the elderly. It’s hard for middle-aged people.
Earthquake wind storm:
Earthquakes in the depths of the oceans around the world threaten many powerful hurricanes.
Lake Hövsgöl, the mother of Undur Burenkhaan and Urgun Dalai, is the world’s largest source of fresh water. There was an earthquake in the depths of Lake Hövsgöl, and on the west side of the Khordol Saridag mountain range, the Darkhad Depression Lake is breaking up and pulling water up from the ground. This is due to the fact that the Arctic Ocean is expected to receive a lot of water from the blue spot. In this world, there is the Sun, the Moon, the Human Zone, the Earth, the Water, the Roots, and the Four Worlds.
We need to be careful not to let the princes quarrel and die. You may fall into a dark hole and be buried in black dust.

Twelve years of color and decoration:
Mouse Sniper – Lots of loot, but stay away from hurricanes and mountain troubles. The ground will be plastered with wood.
Cattle Sniper – Stay away from the Lus Spirit, the Lord of the Mountains, and the Iron Man. Be sure to do Lusin Uil, Tumur Uil, and Uul Khairkhan dom.
Tiger Sniper – Be strong, but be aware that surgery may result from illness. Be sure to make a five-core dom to avoid getting sick in the coming year.
Rabbit sniper – Do not move the soil to the east or west. Don’t cut down live trees, try hard. Because many probes are rigid, be sure to close the Gateway and open the Gateway.
Dragon Sniper – Do not cut down trees, do good deeds. Be sure to bring out the feet of the earth, the feet of the living tree, and the feet of the sea. Sundui Jud, Gurvan Gurum, and Lha are innocent and good.
Snake Sniper – As you enter the sea, close the gates of death and separation and establish blessings. Get a good wave of three-dimensional endowment.
Horseman – Stay away from the front and north legs. Let’s hit the ground. Be sure to cast a spell on the wind. Be sure to bring out the black and white light of evening and the black and white light of dawn. It is very good to read Taravchamba and Altangerel sutras. You have to do the dom treatment of the library.
Aries – Stay away from the source of black water, the foot of the Black Drink, the black iron surgery, and the whirlwind. At the end of the year, the cows must be watered with Hui, Lus, Mes and Us. Sundui Jud, Gurvan Gurum, and Lha must be recited.
Mitch Sniper – Loot comes with virtue, but it’s a little harsh and gossipy. Do not sand the soil. Good for navigating mountains, water and Lus spirits. Be sure to take out the sea leg dom. Be sure to read Sanduiin Jud, Tsagaan Shukhert, Gurvan Gurum and Tsend.
Chicken Snail – Twilight, black and white in the evening, far from the attack of the dark night. Be sure to remove wood, metal, and dirt. Middle-aged people have a hard life. So put the seven myths in seven directions. Move it to the other side, not to the west. The legends of Lus, Gazar, Chuluu, Ukheer, Khii, Buyan and Zon must be released.
Dog Sniper – Stay away from stones, celestial bodies, oxen, and spirits. The ashes are blown away by the wind. Be sure to bring out the middle-aged, who are safe for infants and the elderly.
Pig sniper – this year’s gain is in itself. Stay away from the language of many people. Stay away from the north and south of the earth and the spirits. You can try both directions.
This year, Cattle, Snakes, and Sheep are tough on the three-legged squirrels. Have a good home remedy.

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