Shamanism considers everything to be alive and interconnected.
Compared to other religions, shamans do not have books or temples to read, but they are able to communicate directly with the spirits through the ulaach.

We often see and hear in real life many things that cannot be explained by modern science, such as the healing of diseases that have been diagnosed as incurable by modern medical science, such as shamanism. 

We believe that this inspiration should be studied in the current scientific way, to create facts, to cooperate with other researchers, and to enrich the research.
With this in mind, the audio and video recordings are being made available to the public. 

The video was recorded on August 10, 2018 in Darkhan-Uul aimag, Darkhan soum, Khan Tengeriin Samgaldai center, Bayanzurkh soum, Khuvsgul aimag, Agar Gurvan Khairkhan, Chongos Teekh’s Chogostkhaan lineage, Darkhad’s black sky Perenlei Zairan.

The main speakers in the video were B.Munkhbayar, a researcher, and D.Batchuluu, a clerk.

The conversation was dark in Darkhad and Darkhad had a lot of words, so it was made clear to today’s people.

Original file name stored in the archive: “Chogostkhaan Darkhan 4.m4a” (AAC, 63kbps)
The size of the main file is 43.7 MB, the total recording is 1:30:47 and the recording part is 14:43 minutes.

Getting started

Ongod: What are you going to ask?
Researcher: – Nowadays, with the development of science, there is a desire to study and show that spirits, shamans, and celestial beings do not know and do not understand…
Ongod: Well, I know, I’ll explain.

Man is the owner of the flesh and the soil  
 (1) black lords,
 (2) blue sea owners,
 (3) white sea owners,
 (4) the sun,
 (5) There are five species of the moon.

Before the creation of the human zone
(1) soil, vegetation, water (refers to the globe as a whole),
(2) The sun and the moon were (3) these three. (I mean three spheres)

This is the story  
 The Black Lus is a spring that rises from the earth,
 Khukh Lus means a river that joins a spring,
 The White Lus refers to the upper lus, or rain that falls from above.

These three came into being on Earth, conifers (representing plants), sagebrush (meaning sagebrush), blue sky (meaning the atmosphere), and then the stars.  
This is how five tissues are formed. (Sun, moon, time lus, blue lus, black lus)

It consists of five things:
 (1) water, (2) plants, (3) mountains, (4) sky, (5) air,
The seeds from these five species became one body, forming a single body (this may be the first single-celled living organism).

Mankind and the beasts of the earth were created by resurrecting water so that they could follow the law.

It represents three lus (black and white blue lus) to animals and humans
 (1) The blue lus represents – the kidneys
 (2) The black sea represents – the liver
 (3) representing the white lus – given the heart (these three organs are considered to be the three organs of the lus or the organ through which fluid passes).

The five bodies of matter, the beasts of the earth, the lions, the tigers, the demons, and the human beings were created in the golden earth.

From it, five bodies are represented (water, plants, mountains, air, and sky, as mentioned above, made of five blocks):
 (1) The kidneys represent water and are shaped like the moon.
 (2) The liver is a blue lus (mountain water)
 (3) The stomach represents the plant
 (4) The lungs represent the air and create life
 (5) The heart is likened to the four nuclei of the heavens.
Thus were created the five elements.

Compare these five solid organs with color:
created five colors: blue, black, white, green and red.

This color represents the world:
 The blue sea – the liver
 Eat herbs – stomach
 to give life – the heart
 The breath of life – the lungs
 The earth is connected to the sky – the brain

That’s it 
 – five colors,
 – five blocks,
 – The earth was made up of the sun, the moon, the black, the white, and the blue, and many colors and many stories branched out from it.
That’s how man was born in the golden world …

From these five bodies of flesh and beasts, human beings came into being, and in the golden world of the earth, human beings of five colors and five continents came into being.

Genghis Khan, a white-bearded man who was born a good man with a blue blood clot (blue lus), conquered five continents by holding Lus.

Blue blood, or turbid blood, is spread through the veins of animals and humans. It has a history of conquering five continents and conquering five continents.

Tushee: The kings knew the secret.
Spirits: – Not kings, but above (Heaven) knows