The team of Samgaldai is going to travel between April 7 and 20, 2019 in order to reach the eternal peaks of Tsagaan Lus. We,
1. The Mongol Altai Mountains, the Russian Altai Mountains, the Western and Eastern Sayan Mountains go right around and reach the White Lus kings.
2. On the one hand, the Yenisei River joins more than 300 lakes and more than 20 large rivers in the Darkhad Blue Depression, the source of water.
On the other hand, it flows into the Ider river / Bogd, Chigistei, Delger river… /, Orkhon river flows into it / Tamir, Tsenkher… .gm /, Tuul river / flows into poplar y… .gm /, The Eg River, which originates in Lake Hövsgöl, as well as the Kharaa and Yeruu rivers, join the Selenge River into the Baikal Sea and become the Angara River. Thus, the water flowing from Mongolia becomes the Angar River, which joins the Yenisei River and flows into the Arctic Ocean, becoming the longest and largest river.
The Yenisei River originates in Mongolia and runs through the Ider-Selenge-Angarsk-Yenisei watershed.

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